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If you have a custom weighing requirement please complete the form below (or as much as you can of it) and we will get straight back to you with a proposal. If you need more space you can stretch the text boxes by clicking and dragging the bottom right hand corner.

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About the Project

Type of Application

Scale and Calibration Details

 Trade Approved Not for Trade Use Im not sure, please advise me

Number of Scales

Calibration Details:

Number of Weighings?

Additional Hardware

 Tally Roll Printer Weighbridge/Slip Printer
 Thermal Label Printer Form Printer
 Barcode Scanner Card/Tag Reader
 Remote Display Lights/Traffic Lights
 ANPR Camera/Other Camera Other, please specify below


If printing, what information should be printed and in what format?

If printing a barcode, what format is required for the barcode?
And what information should the barcode contain?

Scanning and Card Readers

If scanning/reading a barcode, what format is the barcode?
And what information does the barcode contain?
If using an RFID Card, Tag or Keyfob, what information should the card hold?
At what distance will the operator be wanting to use the card/tag/keyfob?

Remote Displays and Lights

If you need a Remote Display, which one would you like?

If you need lights or traffic lights, how do you want them to operate?

Outputs and External Equipment

Do you need any of the following outputs for the 825 to control external equipment?

 Digital Inputs/Outputs (5V logic level) Analogue (4-20mA)
 Analogue (0-10V) RS232 Serial Output Other, please specify below

If the 825 will be required to control other equipment please detail it here.


If reports are needed, please tell us how you want them

 Standard RS232 Output Onto a USB Stick to open in Excel
 Straight into Excel Sent via Email
 Sent via SMS Text On a live updating webpage (HTML)
 Windows File Sharing(CIFS) File Sharing (FTP)
 Via WiFi Via 3G (using a standard PAYG Sim Card)
 Other, please specify

And what do you want in the reports?


What database information needs to be stored in the 825?

General Description

Please carefully outline the step-by-step process. Within this description please include; an overview of the system with the required end result; any specific processes or operations required; an indication of supervisor only sections of the program and areas which require password protection; any unusual features or restrictions etc.

  • You can upload any schematics or images that make the description easier
  • Please write what you see below in the box, just so we know you are human.


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