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ANPR Camera Solutions

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Solutions for 24/7 monitoring

From Unmanned Weighbridges to Traffic Flow Control our ANPR systems are a popular and trusted solution for vehicle monitoring in all types of industry. Incorporating the latest in plate reading technology including Full HD Sensors for reflective or non reflective plates, Power over Ethernet (POE) and MicroSD, our ANPR systems provide day and night plate reading in full colour from a distance of up to 8m at 70km/h.

Key Features:

1. Stand Alone with built in image processing - no need for separate PC to run software
2. Capture and processing triggered via relay input or via command over serial, Ethernet etc or automatically and continuously using vehicle detection
3. Multiple communication options including RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP, FTP, Wiegand, Modbus and many more!
4. Fully Waterproof IP67
5. High speed capture - up to 70 km/h from up to 8m away

The cameras can be added to existing networks via their on-board Ethernet connection but can also operate stand alone in the event of a disruption to the data connection. Our control and reporting software is custom written by our in-house programmers and can meet any project requirement. Reporting is available via Email, Cloud, HTML, SMS, USB and more, and our solutions can be easily integrated in most existing barrier and site control systems. 

Monitor traffic over weighbridges and axle weighing platforms day and night.

By adding Automatic Number Plate Recognition to your new or existing weighbridge setup, traffic can be weighed and all vehicle data monitored 24/7. This unmanned system allows a weighbridge to be in continuous operation day and night, reducing waiting times and mainting a high traffic flow through busy sites whilst recording and monitoring all weighing data quickly and accurately.The intelligent ANPR camera instantly reads, checks and recalls the vehicle details from a stored database for a fast and efficient transaction. . If an unknown vehicle approaches the weighbridge the driver can weigh on a temporary ID or the weighbridge operator can enter the details manually which will then be stored for future transactions.

  • Ideal for weighbridges and axle weighing, stop & go tolling, parking and access control systems
  • Captures number plates in-motion or stationary
  • Maximum input power of 13W and Power-over Ethernet (POE)
  • On-Board Multicore Processor with Linux
  • Full HD sensor for reading reflective and non-reflective plates
  • Extra compact 
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require external IR lighting
  • Stand alone with on-board memory
  • Vandal proof connectors