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Dimensions and Weight from Warehouse to Management Software

Dimensions and Weight from Warehouse to Management Software
Dimensions and Weight from Warehouse to Management Software

How to get dimensional and weight data from your warehouse to your management software

Are your warehouse processes as efficient as they can be? Imagine how much easier it would be to keep track of your inventory and utilise the full capabilities of your Warehouse Management Software if you could capture and transfer an item's weight and dimensions instantly.

Warehouse and Fleet Management Software are powerful tools that can revolutionise the efficiency and speed of warehousing operations. But in order to take full advantage of this efficiency-boosting software you need instant access to the dimensions and weight of what you store and ship. With a mobile Resolution 3 Dimensioning System, you can easily collect dimension and weight data from anywhere in your warehouse and send it via Wifi, Ethernet or RS232 serial to your servers and management software - instantly. 
Resolution Dimensioning
Resolution devices automatically send results to your database and also store them internally. You can access previous results by connecting to the camera via a web browser on your PC or by downloading results to a USB disk directly from the device.
Weight and Dimension Data in Excel


Add custom notes and manually entered data such as batch code, box count or SKU barcodes to every measurement - and print labels!

Resolution dimensioners are designed to make data collection as simple as possible. By simply enabling manual data entry, you will be able to enter additional information such as batch codes or box counts for every measurement. The measurement results (including images and additional information) are sent to your database or are made available as EXCEL files.

Easily integrate Resolution Dimensioners to your system using our powerful API

Low Cost DimensionerThe most important part of adding automatic dimensioning to your processes is the integration between the dimensioner and your existing software system. In the past, older laser-based dimensioners did not possess the same processing capabilities as Resolution Dimensioners and their only job was to output dimensional data. As such, you would need an intermediate computer or software package to get data out of the dimensioner, convert it according to your needs and send it to your database.
Nowadays, state-of-the-art dimensioners such as Resolution have powerful inbuilt processors and clever APIs meaning additional PCs and software are no longer necessary. With Resolution everything you need is in one clever box which can talk directly to your Warehouse Management Software or any other system via Wifi, Ethernet or Serial.

Internet of Things (IoT), Dimensioning and Weighing and our Web Service API

Resolution One DimensionerWe are in the era of internet-of-things (IoT). Your refrigerator can talk to other machines using the internet, so why not your dimensioner? Resolution dimensioners have been designed according to the latest IoT standards enabling them to talk to any other system easily and efficiently. Using it's web service interface, you can perform dimensioning measurements or calibrate and control the dimensioner from your tablet or smart phone.

OEM Integration of Resolution Dimensioners to your product

With the powerful web service API of Resolution, you can integrate our dimensioner to your product in just a couple of minutes and in any programming language. Our team are available to support you with any integration and interfacing - completely free of charge!
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