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AutoLeader Retrofit Kit

AutoLeader Retrofit Kit

Low cost solution for the control, supervision and management of Ready Mix Concrete production

  • Auto-Leader 3000P is the newest and smartest, low cost solution for the control, supervision and management of Ready Mix Concrete production.
  • In order to reduce costs and enable third-parties to buy and install a compact and reliable automation system in new or existing plants, Protem have designed Auto-Leader 3000P_ECO.
  • Our entire know-how is now available in one package containing all the critical components and instructions to retrofit to new or existing installations.
The AutoLeader package consist of :

1. A central processing unit.
Manufactured solely with industrial electronics ensuring uninterrupted operation even in extreme conditions such as high ambient temperatures, humidity, dusty environments etc.
Four (4) weighing-batching controllers with high precision, high sample rate and calibration values (log file) memory. With internal calibration switch that can be secured by a wire security seal passing through two drilled head screws.

Two (2) fiber optic bidirectional serial ports for printer and computer connection (for increased protection against electrical surges and lightning strikes).

Four (4) RS485 ports for communication with the PLC, power meter, humidity meters and remote service support.

2. A Betolink SCADA Software
The SCADA software included in Auto-Leader can be installed on a standard windows PC and it is used only for production supervision and manual intervention. The PC does not participating in any control sequence. As such, the operation cannot be interrupted by any failure of the peripherals increasing the system's overall reliability.

3. A PLC
A PLC is connected via RS485 to the central CPU and acts as an I/O terminal. The PLC has built in input and output cards which are connected to the external input/output modules through pre-made connector cables.

4. Two (2) Input and two (2) Output Modules
Designed to snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure, the input/output modules protect and electrically isolate the PLC making cabling easier. Wiring connections are made using screw terminals positioned along the top and bottom, clearly accessible from the front for easy installation and servicing. Total number of external I/O 32+ 32. (can be optionally expanded)

5. A Power Meter & Power Analyser
A DIN rail-mounted power meter, that offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor the mixer, communicates through RS 485 with the CPU.

6. A Printer
A dot matrix A3 printer communicates through fiber optic cable with the CPU to print batch reports and statistics.

7. An Implementation CD
Betolink® SCADA  Installation program (including device drivers and plugins),
Users Manual in printable pdf format
Installation Manual in printable pdf format
Electrical Drawings in printable pdf format

Auto-Leader 3000P_ECO  is fully integrated with Ready Mixed Concrete Production Management, Dispatching & Ticketing Software  Betolink® Pro .