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Baykon BX30 PLUS

Baykon BX30 PLUS

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  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Analogue Output
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Profibus and Modbus RTU
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Profinet and Modbus RTU
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and CANopen and Modbus RTU
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Ethernet IP and Modbus RTU
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Ethercat and Modbus RTU
  BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and CCLink and Modbus RTU
  Modbus RTU SD Card
  Alibi Memory
BX30 Plus Process Controller

Powerful, Multi-Functional Panel Mounted Process Controller. Weight and control in your hands!

The BX30 PLUS is a highly accurate, multi-functional weighing terminal with an IP67 stainless steel front facia making it ideal for use in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial environments. Ideal for whenever you need weighing and control in any process application, the BX30 PLUS is the go to weighing terminal for fast, reliable and accurate weight data.

This professional weighing terminal can be programmed for weigh labelling, check-weighing, classifying, filling, peak hold and dynamic weighing applications and has 4 programme memories (ID1, ID2, preset tares and target values) each with a capacity of 500 records.
Three user programmable keys can be set for the customers applications to provide a practical and error free operation.

Incredible connectivity options - accurate weight data for your process control applications

Numerous integration interfaces for PC or PLC are available including RS232C, RS485, RS422, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP as standard. Optional Fieldbus interfaces include Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, EtherCAT, CC-Link, Powerlink Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ehernet/IP Analogue output, Parallel I/Os.
The BX30 Plus is specifically designed for process weighing and offers multiple calibration options including electronic calibration (eCal) for calibration without test weights.