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Carcass Weighing Scale

Carcass Weighing Scale


  Upgrade to SB14 Loadcells (IP69)
  Class III Approval for trade use
  Calibration Certificate
  C6 cells for 6000d approval
  Available in 316 stainless (contact us for pricing)

Carcass Weighing Scale for Butchers and Meat Processing Facilities

Carcass Weighing for Butchers
The VWCARCASS Carcass Weighing Scale is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standard. Ideal for butchers and other meat processing facilities, the Carcass weigher incorporates the VWS Platform Scale (constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with IP69 fully washdown loadcells) and a  316 grade stainless steel A-Frame with 2 carcass hanging hooks and hook eye.
The meat handling equipment (A-Frame, hooks and eye) are 316 rated for food production and are mounted at the ideal height (180cm) to ensure ease of use, durability and hygiene.

High pressure washdown, robust and easy to use - specially designed for use in wet, hygienic environments

The VWCARCASS features IP69 rated stainless steel loadcells which are specifically designed to withstand high pressure and high temperature cleaning and come with 150% overload  protection  to  minimise the chances of any unforeseen loadcell damage.
As standard the Carcass Weighing Scale comes complete with two stainless carcass hooks to securely mount the carcass, a stainless O ring for fixing custom hooks/mounts and a robust stainless A frame to bring the hooks to working height.