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CX Dynamic Checkweigher

CX Dynamic Checkweigher

Premium Affordable Dynamic Checkweigher for weighing small items

Weigh and monitor items on your production line with the premium quality CX Dynamic Checkweigher. The CX's modular design makes it ideal for integrating into existing conveyor systems and it's clever self diagnostics increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs.
Suitable for internal or MID approved use, the CX is designed and assembled in Italy and comes with a 12 month warranty and remote software support.Quote
The 12" capacitive touch touchscreen display is suitable for use with gloves and in the presence of water or condensation and provides an intuitive user-friendly interface with powerful connectivity and integration features for third party software, management systems and databases.

Fully customisable - up to 3 motorised belts for entry cadence, weighing and ejection with piston arm or pneumatic (air) ejectors 

CX Logos- 3kg x 1g, 6kg x 2g or multi-range (option of 15kg x 5g on request)
- Belt widths range from 95mm to 320mm.
- Brushless motors drive the belts at up to 70m/min

Key Features of the CX Dynamic Checkweigher

  • Cadence up to 170 ppm
  • Up to 9999 PLUs each with 2 description fields, tare, min and max threshold, duration and rejection delay, alarm for reject limit
  • Provides full traceabiliity and total reports with Subtotals, Grand Totals, Totals per PLU, Totals per batch  
  • Easy integration for data sharing
  • View full reports and export via USB
  • Managed by PLC with automatic parameter programming for motor speed, thresholds, rejections etc.

Options available for the CX Dynamic Checkweigher 

  • Slide Diverter with 2 or 3 outputs
  • Air Diverter with 1, 2 or 3 outputs
  • LED Light Tower for "out of tolerance" alerts  
  • 2D Camera for barcode and label reading
  • 2D Camera for QR code reading
  • Cameras for optical control
  • Profibus and Ethercat interface
  • Piston arm or pneumatic (air) ejectors
  • Reject Conveyor and Stainless or Plastic Collection Basket
  • Overflow Photocell