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GelCheckGo Hand Gel Detector

GelCheckGo Hand Gel Detector

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Confirm the presence of Hand Sanitiser Gel for your peace of mind

Hand Sanitiser Gel DetectorGelCheckGo detects alcohol level on the skin and provides a GO or NO-GO signal confirming whether hand sanitiser gel has been applied.
A simple to use and low cost solution to provide traceability and peace of mind when people are entering buildings, operating machines, serving food etc.

Low cost access control device that checks whether hands have been cleaned with hand sanitising gel   

GelCheckGo can be used in Bars, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Leisure Facilities, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Offices, Schools, Universities, Colleges and other Educational Facilities.
There are 2 version of the GelCheckGo are available:

GelCheckGo Standalone gives a Green or Red Signal and Audible Alert

Simple to use and easy to understand, the standalone version simply checks for the presence of hand sanitiser gel and gives a GREEN GO light if hands have been sanitised and a RED NO-Go signal if not. There is also an audible output that provides a clear indication of the reading. 

GelCheckGo Connected also gives an additional GO / NO-GO relay output

Simple to connect to your existing systems the connected version provides a relay output that can be connected to almost any system including Retail/Point of Sale, Restaurant Delivery, Cleaning management, Door entry systems and many more.
When GelCheckGo is installed in your system it could be made compulsory for people to sanitise their hands before being allowed to operate a terminal, serve food, enter a building etc.

Benefits of GelCheckGo

- Easy install - easy to mount on walls with just a couple of screws.
- Simple to set up as standalone or integrate with an existing system
- Promotes hand hygiene
- Provides employee/hand hygiene traceability
- Develops good hand hygiene habit within your organisation
- Electronically monitors hand hygiene events