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Waste Monitoring System for large Plastics Company
July 18, 2018
Waste Monitoring System for large Plastics Company

Waste Weighing to monitor and control Raw Material Input

AWM Limited, alongside one of their trade partners, recently installed a dual scale waste weighing system to monitor the raw material input for a leading Plastics Company. Prior to the installation the company was having to estimate the amount of bottles and recycled plastics going into their process from volumetric data. AWM were tasked with designing a waste weighing system that would enable an accurate measurement of the amount of plastic material being entered into the process in loose and bale form.

Providing the Solution - Dual Scale Raw Material Weighing, Loading Control and Reporting

Waste Weighing and MonitoringThe solution was to install two scales, one hopper scale for the loose plastics and one platform scale for the plastic bales. Both scales were connected to a Cardinal 825 Programmable Weight Indicator which continually monitors the weight input and waits for the waste material to be loaded on either scale.
The hopper scale controls a large traffic light which turns green when the hopper is ready to fill and red when it has reached it's maximum weight. This ensures the hopper is never overloaded by letting the loader driver know when to stop filling. Once the target weight has been met, the 825 Indicator waits for stability and then records the weight into it's on-board memory and adds the weighing record to an html report file that can be viewed and downloaded from any PC on the network. The indicator then turns on the conveyor system to remove the material from the hopper and once empty turns it off ready for the next load. 
At the same time that the hopper is being filled, a forklift driver can load bales of plastic onto a second platform scale that the 825 Weight Indicator is also monitoring. Once the weight is over a set threshold and stable, the 825 records the weight data and adds it to the html report file.
The key to this solution is that the weight of raw material inputted into the system is accurately captured but the speed of the loading operation is maintained. We supplied the complete turn-key solution from the Hopper and Weight Indicator with custom control software to the Traffic Lights and platform scale.
We can Provide the Solution to any waste weighing requirement. Please contact us on or call +44 (0)1284 701222 for further information or to request a quotation.
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 6
July 11, 2018
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 6


We hope that those of you who were lucky enough to have been allocated a team in our World Cup Sweepstake have been following our blog! Tickets to watch an upcoming England game at Wembley await the company who drew the winning team! In other news, we have been really busy building platforms and custom frames and getting our teeth into new case study videos for the marketing team. Amongst all this we did find time to kick back and enjoy the lovely weather with a company BBQ!

This month we feature...

  • BCW Video
  • TX2 Transmitter
  • Next Day Delivery 
  • Tech Topics
  • Special Offers
  • Weighbridge Video
  • Workshop Snapshot
Click here to view the Issue No.6 Newsletter Online! 
EWT Weighbridge Testing - Calibration Check on a Weighbridge
July 02, 2018
EWT Weighbridge Testing - Calibration Check on a Weighbridge


As you may well know, we have a brand new Test Unit Trailer! As it looks so awesome, we decided to get a video of it in action whilst it was undertaking a real life weighbridge calibration.
In the video below you can see Gary, our friendly EWT driver, show off his loading and unloading skills, the operation of the beaver tail ramps and how he performs every weighbridge calibration safely and efficiently. Check out the video below!

Do you have a weighbridge that needs weight testing or calibrating? 

Why not book us for your next weighbridge calibration or verification? Our Test Unit is available for UK hire at highly competitive rates, please contact us for long term booking or special requirements.

Booking the test unit and further information

You can book the test unit online by visiting or email You can also check availability on our live online calendar here!

Future Proof - Evolving with our Customer's Needs
June 11, 2018
Future Proof - Evolving with our Customer's Needs


VWSLT Platforms Installed On Customers Site
One of our trade partners recently upgraded four of their customer's standard platform scales to VWSLT Stainless Steel Lift-Tops, reducing the time and man power required for end of shift wash-down at their factory and reducing their manual handling for Health and Safety.
VWSLT Stainless Lift Top Platform Scale

This latest investment follows last year's installation of multiple Cardinal 825 indicators with custom filling software that controls the flow and packaging of their market leading frozen food produce. Along with the upgrade to their new lift top platform scales, the customer has recently taken advantage of the future-proof nature of the 825 indicators and AWM's custom software by easily adding even more key features to their weighing software. The current modifications include adding in automated delays to the filling triggers and fitting light beacons that are triggered at specific points in the filling process to provide the operator with a visual display of the fill status.

Our trade partner said:"Your platforms have now been fitted and look great. The beacons have been installed and look really bright. The customer told me "If they can't see those, they want shooting" I presume this means that they are happy with them! Thanks for your help, I had visions of a mad rush before the harvest started, but it looks like everything will be finished with plenty of time to spare"

"We always strive to make our software and hardware solutions as future-proof as possible allowing them to evolve with our customers requirements".

 Please contact us for further information on or call +44 (0)1284 701222.

EWT purchase new Weighbridge Test Unit Trailer
June 05, 2018
EWT purchase new Weighbridge Test Unit Trailer

Eastern Weighbridge Testing (EWT) are pleased to announce the delivery of their brand new test unit trailer

The new trailer will be used from today onward for all upcoming bookings - look out for it on your next weighbridge calibration or verification!

The investment in this top of the range Montracon custom design test unit trailer supports EWT's hugely successful introduction to the weighbridge testing market and ensures their UK wide weighbridge testing service is even more efficient, cost effective and reliable for their network of weighing trade customers.

EWT's Driver, Gary Debenham is really pleased with the new trailer. Gary said "The new test unit trailer is going to make our service even more efficient and reliable. We have designed it to be shorter for easier manoeuvring where access is difficult and with shallow full width flip toe ramps to make it safer in inclement weather. We have also added some other great features too which include the secure storage boxes, electrical power pack for the ramps, rear drop down landing legs for greater stability when we are loading and unloading the weights and a twin strap edge protection for better safety. Of course the 35mm Keruing Hardwood floor give it a great, classy looking finish too!"
To book the test unit or for further information visit or email