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Introducing a New Mobile Drive-In Platform Scale - The MODI from Baykon

March 12, 2019


AWM Limited are pleased to introduce the new MODI Mobile Drive-In platform scale to the UK weighing industry. The MODI is designed with health and safety in mind, providing effortless portability, hygienic cleaning and accurate weighing.

What are the benefits to portable weighing scales?

The MODI Mobile Platform Scale's design was focused on the ease of portability to enable users to weighing in any location and not be fixed to once designated weigh station. The scale can be quickly and easily lifted onto it's wheels and moved by only one operator. The MODI's stainless steel design means it also meets the requirements of all high hygiene weighing applications. A great choice for food production factories or other high hygiene areas, the MODI offers excellent durability, easy portability, hygienic cleaning and accurate weighing.

The Platform is equipped with 4 rubber wheels that are easy to rotate and have a zero turning radius and a convinient handle mounted on the column for effortless portability. A fully stainless washdown construction with IP69K fully washdown OIML approved loadcells ensure it will easily withstand the deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene contamination risks.

These durable platform scale models are available with weighing areas ranging from 850mm to 1500mm and weighing capacities from 300kg to 2000kg.

How does the MODI provide such portability in weighing? 

The 4 uniquely designed rotating wheels effortlessly lift the platform off the ground enabling it to be moved to a different weighing location using the convenient steering handle mounted on the stainless indicator column. Once in position the wheels are rotated back into the default position allowing the scale to sit on the level floor and weigh accurately. The scale reduces manually handling and enables a factory to be covered by one weighing scale rather than having multiple scales spread throughout the production area.

For more information and pricing please visit the MODI webpage or click here to contact us today.