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Introducing Cardinal's new SB600 Full Graphic Remote Weight Display

August 29, 2019

The new SB600 Remote Display dazzles customers with it's incredible features and full graphic display

Cardinal SB600 Remote displayCardinal's new SB600 remote display features a high-visibility, full-color graphics display with double-row LEDs in large 6-inch/15.25-cm high characters that is ideal for use with digital weight indicators connected to truck scales, railroad scales, tank/hopper scales, livestock scales, and floor scales where weight needs to be viewed from a distance of up to 76 m.

SB600 Remote Display
The durable IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure is weatherproof for use in a wide variety of environments.
The SB600 offers 1,280 RGB high-intensity LEDs for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

  • Integrated 6-inch high red/green traffic light standard for directing vehicles on and off the scale.
  • Multiple scales plus total weight readouts can all be displayed simultaneously
  • The SB600 can plug and play with virtually any weight indicator using it's powerful autolearn facility making retrofits quick and easy
The onboard intensity light sensor automatically adjusts to ambient light with 10 levels of brightness (total darkness to direct sunlight). The SB600 comes with a two-piece bracket: a mounting bracket attached to the display and a pole/wall bracket that it locks into. The convenient bottom access panel with slide-out controller board provides easy access to internal wiring.
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