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Weighing and Monitoring our Waste Recycling - steps towards greater sustainability

April 16, 2020

All of our recycled waste is being weighed and monitored to help us become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint

As part of our "green push" in 2020 and in an effort to become more sustainable and increase our recycling, we are now weighing and monitoring all of our recycled waste using our Waste Weighing Software System.
The system monitors the type of waste and the location where the waste was generated and provides us with a weekly and monthly report in Excel. This allows us to see how we are doing and allows us to try and increase our recycling each month. For further information on the waste system we are using please contact us


AWM Limited Waste Recycling Monthly Reports (in kg)

Our cleaning and workshop teams are weighing all our waste. Our Marketing then get an email every month with an excel report showing the amount we have managed to recycle. We will monitor this over the year to see if we can reduce the non-recyclables and increase our general and paper recycling.
 Month  Mixed Recycling WEEE Paper  Non-Recyclable 
 Jan 2020 19.1kg  52.5kg  2.8kg 17.4kg