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Resolution 7 - Sliding Arm Dimensioner

Resolution 7 - Sliding Arm Dimensioner


  PRICE INCLUDES: Resolution 7 Sliding Light Curtain Dimensioner, Portable Trolley, Weighing Scale, 15.6 inch Touch Screen with all required software, Power Adaptors, Cabling and Electronics housing
  Rechargeable Battery for 30+ hours usage

Fast and accurate Parcel Dimensioning. Cost-saving technology for a 40% increase in profitability. Dimension any object sized 1-80cm with one solution.

Resolution 7 uses the latest light curtain technology to provide a revolutionary low cost/high accuracy dimensioning solution that calculates parcel weights and dimensions for cubic or irregular shapes.
Cutting edge light curtain technology means Resolution 7 can provide incredible accuracy for small to medium size items at a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market that rely on outdated and less accurate ultrasonic or laser solutions.
Designed for ease of installation and zero maintenance, Resolution 7 is a simple plug and play system.

Dimensioning on Tablet

Introduce this revolutionary cost saving technology to increase throughput, improve operational efficiency and gain more accurate shipping quotes for cost savings

The system uses light curtain technology on a sliding arm and features a modern tough glass weighing scale. Resolution 7 can operate stand alone or can seamlessly connect to any WMS (Warehouse Management System) or 3rd part software. Resolution 7 can be operated via the 15" touchscreen or even viewed and controlled remotely using any standard PC, tablet or smart phone.
All measurement data and images are stored on the Resolution One Camera and can be...
        ...viewed locally on the Resolution 15" display
        ...remotely viewed and downloaded from any PC or mobile device with a web browser using the built in web service
        ...sent via Ethernet, WiFi or RS232 to a PC or server in Excel file format

Dimension and weight calculations are made in seconds making Resolution the fastest dimensioning system available on the market today

A 2D wireless handheld barcode scanner is included for capturing product SKUs which can be scanned before or after the item is dimensioned. Once the weight and dimensions have been captured, the data is available instantly and can be sent via Ethernet, RS232 serial or Wifi to a server or 3rd party software. Configuration and integration is easy using the web interface and our powerful and simple to use API.

Parcel Dimensioner with optional label printer, battery and portable trolley.

Resolution 7 has an optional label printer as well as a battery pack that will allow the trolley to be used whilst on the go for up to 30 hours and also features a convenient trolley for easy manoeuvrability. 
All dimension data saved on Resolution 7 can be easily transferred to servers or 3rd party software via Ethernet or WiFi in an Excel file format. The camera has an on-board web service which allows remote access via any web browser (chrome, firefox, edge etc) for downloading reports in Excel format or for remote viewing and control. Data can also be stored on a cloud service for fast and secure data storage and easy access. Integration with other software and calibration is easy using this web access or the powerful and user friendly API. Click here to request further information and pricing.


  • Measurement of cubic or irregular shaped freight/objects
  • No requirement to specially position the object before measuring
  • No separate PC required
  • Super fast measuring time
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software using Web Service API
  • Integrate with almost any scale, barcode printer, barcode scanner or OCR
  • Customisable interface and data transfer via Ethernet or Wifi with any format
  • OIML Approved Weighing Scale

Dimensioner LogosPurposefully designed for quick and easy integration into any weighing, dimensioning, processing or transporting system, Resolution One is ideal for dimensioning parcels and pallets and can be used out of the box for fast dimensioning. Accessories, such as 15.6 inch Touch Screen Monitor, Barcode Scanner and Barcode Label Printer, are also available to enable simple integration into any product, system or process. Click here to request further information and pricing

Increase your profit by up to 40% with innovative and affordable Dimensioning

  • No external PC or Software required
  • On-board Windows Operating System 
  • Fast and Easy Integration API
  • Quick Calibration
  • Web Access
  • Remote Support Included
Resolution 7 can be operated via a 15.6 inch colour touch screen or a tablet/smart phone. Remote setup and support is easy - Resolution has it's own onboard Windows operating system and can run remote access software such as teamviewer. Remote support is included for 1 year from purchase free of charge.