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Dynamic Axle Weighing App

Dynamic Axle Weighing App

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Weigh In-Motion - Accurate and Reliable Dynamic Axle Weighing

Dynamic Axle WeighingDynamic Axle Weighing provides efficient and accurate vehicle weighing on busy sites and ensures smooth traffic flow and minimum disruption to your day to day operations. Our industry leading Weigh in Motion system has been developed over 15 years and offers reliable axle weighing  for  all  types  of  industry  including  haulage  and  farming.
The dynamic axle weighing software  runs  on  the  impressive  Cardinal  825  "Spectrum" weight indicator  and  utilises  its  full  colour  graphical  touch-screen  to  show  an  extra  large  weight  display,  clear  guidance  text  and  an  image  based  interface  that  ensures  quick  and  easy  transactions  for  any  driver  or  operator. Multiple  databases  such as registration, customer, haulier, product, destination etc and  optional  RFID  cards/tags  ensure  quick  recall  of  vehicles  and  fast  through-put  for  busy  sites.

Fast vehicle throughput for busy sites - fully unmanned for weighing efficiency. Easy to use with RFID tags, cards or keyfobs for driver data entry

To  ensure  accurate  weighing,  the  VWAW  system  has  been  tested  to  the  highest  standards.  Our  engineers  have  rigorously  tested  and  fine  tuned  the  performance  of  the  VWAW  software  to  create  an  axle  weighing    system  that  meets  the  highest  standards  of  accuracy  and  performance.  The  VWAW  software  can  be  used  with  most  standard  axle  weighing  platforms.

  • Please note: This app runs on the Cardinal 825 Indicator which must be purchased separately
  • Selectable modes of operation for single pass (axle checks), two pass (weighbridge style) or agri (farm weighing)
  • Automatic axle weight captures - speed calculations and onscreen guidance ensure a steady, accurate vehicle pass
  • Axle check weighing - axle and gross overload alarms ensure vehicles are kept within legal weight limits
  • Databases store legal axle/gross weights/number of axles for each vehicle to eliminate overload/missed axles
  • Customisable Ticket printing and numerous reporting options (via Email, USB, WiFi etc.) to Excel or online
  • Multiple customisable databases (Registration, Product, Customer, Haulier, Job Number etc.)
  • Optional RFID cards/tags for quick data entry and fast weighing transactions without leaving the vehicle
  • Interfaces with remote displays/traffic lights for traffic control with minimum trigger weight for busy thoroughfares
  • Extra large weight display for easy viewing directly from the lorry cab
  • Auto mode for unmanned weighing and auto time out for non returning vehicles
Reports can be sent  at  scheduled  intervals  or  on  demand  via  Email,  SMS,  FTP  and  more,  or  these  can  be  saved  to  a  USB  stick as  required.  When  connected  to  the  internet,  reports  can  be  downloaded  and  the  825  screen  viewed  and  controlled  from  any  PC  anywhere  in  the  world.  Simple  login  to  the  825  using  a  standard  internet  browser.