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Basic Filling Control Panel

Basic Filling Control Panel

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Simple but powerful. Low cost Weighing, Filling and Batching Panel

A tough and robust stainless filling control panel with a clear LED weight display. Ideal for the accurate and reliable filling control of liquid, bulk or granule.
Designed and built to the highest quality standards using the excellent Baykon BX13 Weighing Controller for high accuracy weighing performance and a simple to use operation. This standard system consists of the Stainless Panel, a BX13 Weight Controller with built in relays and Power Supply but we can also design panels to your exact specification.
Options include multi-scales and displays, Zener Barriers for ATEX applications, additional relays, HMI Touchscreens, material traceability and reporting and much more. Our talented software team can write software to control your exact system all designed to your exact specifications.  

BX13 Filling Controller

Approved Filling Controller with multiple filling modes, onboard Digital IOs and multiple fieldbus options

The BX13 display included in the panel is an approved (R61 and R76) professional filling controller for any type of liquid, bulk or granule. The BX13 has 4 filling modes for open container filling and 2 modes for packing/bagging. Multiple fieldbus options make the BX13 ideal for PLC integration and advanced digital filtering provides extreme stability.
Valve control and communications is easy with 7 Digital Outputs (5 relay contacts and 2 non-isolated)| and 4 programmable Digital Inputs. Additional relays are available on request. Modbus RTU is included as standard along with an RS232 and RS485 Serial Port and we support all the main fieldbus protocols enabling us to provide the solution to almost any weighing or process control project requirements.