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Why you should be negative checkweighing

September 20, 2022

Checkweighing is a crucial part of any food production or manufacturing process, whether you're checking the weight of ingredients used to create a product or checking the weight of that final product, you are likely to use this feature frequently. Even though users will be checkweighing on a frequent basis, they're likely not aware of negative checkweighing. 

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What is negative checkweighing?

The standard form of checkweighing would mean the user adds to the product they're weighing until it reaches the desired weight, whereas with negative checkweighing a total amount is placed onto the scale and tared to zero, operators then remove smaller amounts from the container as they require them. For example, if you had a 1kg container full of flour and you needed 100g of flour per each recipe, you would remove flour from the container until it the weight display reaches -100g. To make this simpler, lights and alarms can be used to alert the user when enough flour has been removed. 

In essence, negative checkweighing is the same process as checkweighing but in reverse. However, there are multiple benefits to negative checkweighing.

What are the benefits of negative checkweighing?

Negative checkweighing is often quicker and easier, saving time on your production line. Taking product from one large container is a lot easier than measuring out multiple smaller containers. Negative checkweighing also ensures an even distribution of ingredients per batch. If you have a total of 1kg of flour on the scale and you need 5x 100g batches, you can calculate how much flour you need to remove from the container for each batch.

Which product is best for negative checkweighing?

There are many factors which will help determine which product is best for you, such as the size and weight of the product you're going to be weighing. 

The product we recommend most for checkweighing in a food manufacturing environment is the Baykon BCW Checkweigher. The BCW is affordable, accurate, reliable and extremely easy to use. It can be used in both negative and positive checkweighing mode, meaning you can use it in the way that you find most beneficial to your operations. On top of that, the stainless steel construction is extremely easy to washdown thanks to the IP66-rated loadcells and removable top plate.