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As a business we hold over 3000 individual stock lines.  To enable a far more informative catalogue offering to our customers, we decided we would embark on a programme of gaining the weights and dimensions of each of these products, enabling us to catalogue this information in detail.  We initially embarked on a manual process of tape measure and scales, inputting the results individually in to our systems.  We achieved just 30 products in one week, and realised we had to look for a more efficient solution.

I met with AWM on their stand at IWLEX and was introduced to the concept of resolution scanning by the team.  I felt the claims of the machine√ʬĬôs capabilities were likely exaggerated, but would still provide a far more streamlined operation even if the equipment achieved just 50% of its claimed performance.  I left the exhibition with a business card and promised to get in touch.

We initially sent a team up to their offices with a cross selection of products to ensure the machine was capable of the task. From this we were able to establish that the level of accuracy and detail required would to pursue the Resolution 7 option. The requirement was not long term for our purpose, so we requested a price for a 3 month rental of the equipment.  They supplied one for my purpose. Incredible customer service.

The rental price was very reasonable, and training was included in the price to ensure we got the most from the machine while we had it. The machine exceeded all of our expectations, and the claims made of the machine√ʬĬôs performance turned out to be 100% true. The machine stored all captured information, either by barcode or manually entered SKU and within just 8 weeks, a two man team had captured all of the required information for our entire inventory and uploaded it to our computer system.  A massive cost saving for us, an accurate set of weights and dimensions for our system, and a lesson learned that sometimes, if it is too good to be true, it may just be worth trying to find out for yourself. 
I cannot recommend the company and its equipment highly enough. 


We are a freight forwarder based at Heathrow. We check the weight and dimensions of all export freight, which has always been a timely manual process. With the Resolution 4 in place, we save valuable time by obtaining this information at the click of a button and have the added bonus of taking photos, which can be shared if required.

We are in the process of linking the Resolution 4 with our in house system to further speed up this process,

The team are always quick at dealing with any questions we may have, and help with further enhancing what we are looking to achieve.

Woodland Group

We had a full scale calibration check carried out by Chris at AWM, and we were very impressed by the service we received. AWM were quick to answer any questions I had before the appointment and were great at communicating what we needed to do for the visit. Chris was very helpful in explaining how the calibration works and he quickly learnt some of our more complicated scale set-ups in order to perform the calibration. The service was carried out quickly and professionally and we were very happy with the results!


Over the past 9 months AWM have been fantastic at supporting us with our trial work, this includes fixing current weigh scales and also making us new commercial scales. They have provided us with excellent customer service and technical support, which has enabled us to improve our research facility. 


Many thanks for your assistance in resolving our customer issues today. It is very assuring to have prompt and professional technical support for our customers & ourselves when required.

Trade Partner

We would just like to say thank you for all your assistance last week. The help and advice from the office was great, we received a prompt turnaround on same-day delivery and overall the service was fantastic. We managed to turn the job around and leave the site with everything working as it should, we would not have managed this without the assistance and advice received. Many thanks again!

Trade Partner

The axle pads weighing system and the support from AWM provided us with valuable information from which we were able to optimise the trailer design and progress manufacture

British Sugar

Catlin has been very happy with the product and services received from AWM limited. The team were flexible and able to meet our requirements to develop a unique programme and interface that was simple and easy for our users. The product was tailored for our own specification meeting all our requirements with delivery of the project on time. I would recommend AWM to anyone looking for a similar weighing solution.

Catlin Holdings, London

We found AWM Ltd while looking for low profile scales to make our processing and moving of mixing vessels easier for our production operatives. Staff were very helpful and informative when dealing with our enquiry, and were even happy to modify the ramp component for us to fit in with other equipment used on site. Scales have been on site and in use for a few days as of writing this review, and only positive comments from the manufacturing operatives. Overall very pleased with the service from AWM Ltd and will definitely consider using again in future for any further needs that may arise.

Jon P
Leading Adhesives Manufacturer

Thanks very much for all of the assistance and patience you have provided this week, again it has been a pleasure to deal with you. I first thought it was going to be a difficult job but you talked me through all of the settings very patiently, you know your products very well.

Trade Partner

AWM Limited's advice, service and support always exceed expectations. Our enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The level of support we receive, dealing with technical queries for existing or prospective orders, is both professional and comprehensive, ensuring we have exactly what is required by our customers.

Trade Partner

We only have positive things to say about AWM Limited. Their scales are well manufactured, sturdy and trustworthy. The company has been extremely helpful and assisted us in most ways possible. James Hobbs is always willing to help, and if he is unavailable he has directed us to someone in the company who can help. One example is when our customer had an issue with his scale, Alex Jeligulasvili spent a couple of days helping us figure out the problem and even remotely controlled our computer to set up the indicator. AWM Limited has been reliable and trustworthy in all aspects of our cooperation.

Trade Partner

We recently worked with one of our food manufacturing customers to find them a solid weighing solution that they could rely on. We recommended they buy AWM's Valueweigh platforms as we believed this system would provide them with the stability they needed. They bought four platforms which have been installed for about a month now, and they are already bowled over by the products quality and finish, performance and speed. 

Trade Partner

"When my customer wanted to update his ageing Herbert inline weigh labelled, we looked at various machines on the market and their specifications. We didn't need a really fast top-end machine but required a robust and capable machine with ease of programming and good value for money. AWM provided us with a machine that does much more than was required, at a price point that was well below that of its competitors and have provided us with the support needed when required."

Trade Partner

Thank you very much for the service provided today in installing the waste scale software, particularly your patience in providing clear and concise guidance to my technically challenged skills! Your help has been most appreciated.

Broadgate Estates

I'm very happy with the service I get from AWM, the staff are very helpful and the products are top quality - believe me, we need top quality products here in Iceland.

Trade Partner

"Thank you to all of the AWM team, and James in particular, for all of the help that you provided and the efficient way that things were sorted out."

Trade Partner

Many thanks to you and your colleague for your quick response and prompt reply, we wish to cooperate with your esteemed company for all of our future projects.


We received the platforms yesterday, thank you for your quick delivery. We really appreciate it and would like to congratulate you on the quality of the platforms. The manufacturing and the design are excellent.

Trade Partner

Thank you, the whole system is excellent the operators are well pleased. I have about 38 tags already installed and it monitors these when the wagon comes onto the weighbridge with no problems.


We have been using AWM for the past 5 years and we have found them to be very supportive. The products are reliable and we have supplied the equipment to many blue-chip companies. If any problems arise, they have been sorted out professionally and quickly. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to other potential customers.

Trade Partner

It was a real pleasure speaking to you. Very few people are so helpful on the first encounter, I am deeply indebted to you for all the help you have provided, thank you.

Orica Mining Services

I'm with our customer watching the Recipe Scale in operation. They are really pleased - it has all information recorded related to their production. They are delighted and very happy with the system. Again, thanks for all your help!

Trade Partner

I have always found yourselves courteous, kind, professional and helpful without exception. Even if the news is not what we want to hear, the interaction is still positive and friendly. Contacting AWM is always a pleasure.

Andy G.
Trade Partner

I love the way that anyone who picks the phone up at AWM always does their very best to be of help

John M.
Trade Partner

An excellent team of staff within AWM, with a wealth of industry knowledge available to us resellers.

Ian P.
Trade Partner

Always great service, nothing to fault.

Richard M.
Trade Partner

The shipment arrived really well protected, strapped down and packaged on the pallet. It was the perfect dimensions to fit the existing pit as we only had a couple of mm to play with. The platform was built well and looked great. When we fitted the display the corners were within half a division on all corners! Thank you very much for your help!

Trade Partner

"Just a quick thank you to you and the team for the vehicle scales. We sent them to the UAE and tested our vehicles and weighed them all and they were perfect, even our driver from Iraq said they were the same as he has in his country so must be good.

Ian M
Cre8 Associates Ltd