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Price List Versions

For all of our trade partners who have a physical copy of our price list, please refer to the below list to ensure your versions of each page are up to date. If you require any replacement pages or would like to include additional products, please get in touch

Version number
Atex solutions V1
Axle and vehicle  V1
Bench scales and portioning V1
Carcass weigher  V1
Customs  V1
Dibal labeller V1
Dimensioning V1
IndFace V1
Livestock crate V1
Mild steel platforms V1
Overhead track scale  V1
Printers and accessories   V1
Process control V1
Stainless platforms V1
Tank kits and loadcell V1
U shapes V1
Vetta Macchi V1
Weigh beams V1
Weight indicators V1