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Legal for Trade: The Importance of ISO Verification for Weighing Scales in the UK

July 27, 2023

Legal for Trade: The Importance of ISO Verification for Weighing Scales in the UK

When it comes to legal for-trade weighing equipment, precision, accuracy, and legality are of utmost importance. In the UK, ensuring that weighing scales are "Legal for Trade" is a critical aspect for businesses that deal with products sold by weight. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of Verification (or stamping as it is sometimes called) in making weighing scales legal for trade in the UK, while emphasising the importance of maintaining high-quality standards.

Ensuring Weighing Scale Compliance with UK Trade Regulations

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for businesses to use weighing scales that are "Legal for Trade" when selling goods based on weight. This means that the scales must meet specific accuracy standards and must have been tested, marked, sealed and certified by authorised verification bodies. ISO verification ensures that the weighing equipment adheres to the legal metrological requirements, making it compliant with UK trade regulations.

Understanding ISO Verification for Legal Trade

Ensuring your weighing scale has been ISO Verified and has a Declaration of Conformity Certificate is crucial to ensure that weighing scales are legal for trade in the UK. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) sets strict quality standards for various industries, including the design, manufacture, calibration, maintenance, and repair of weighing equipment. By obtaining this certification, companies can prove that their weighing systems meet the necessary legal requirements for trade.

AWM Limited Self-Verification for Class III Weighing Scales

One significant advantage of ISO registration is the approval for Self-Verification, a process that allows AWM Limited to test and certify Class III weighing scales for trade use at their factory. Our highly trained engineers perform rigorous tests to ensure certified weighing accuracy so there are no discrepancies in legal for trade transactions.

AWM's customers using Class III scales can be confident that their equipment meets the necessary legal requirements for trade, making transactions fair and transparent.

AWM Limited and the Assurance of Accuracy and Reliability

ISO verification goes beyond compliance; it guarantees that the weighing systems are accurate, reliable, and consistent in their measurements. With AWM's ISO certification to perform Class III Self-Verification on NAWI (Non-automatic weighing scales), their engineers can perform the required tests and certify legal for trade weighing equipment. In addition, the AWM management system and its processes are also ISO-registered to ensure the highest quality of products and services at all times. Whether a scale is trade-approved or for non-approved weighing, AWM puts its products to thorough strict Quality Assurance (QA) testing and calibration procedures undertaken by trained engineers. This ensures that all scales provide precise and dependable measurements.

Working with AWM ensures Legal for Trade Compliance

Ensure your weighing scales are "Legal for Trade" and accurate with AWM Limited's Class III verification service. As an ISO-certified company, we guarantee that our weighing equipment adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring precise and reliable measurements for your trade transactions. Don't compromise on accuracy and compliance, contact us today to learn more about our Class III verification service and keep your business on the right side of the law. Click here to get started!