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Baykon BX25 installed in a Wool Mill's Dye Kitchen!

November 05, 2019

Wool Mill Dye Kitchen WeighingWe love it when our partners send in pictures of on-site installations! Being trade suppliers we don't get to go on site much and it's always great to see the products in their place of use. Here's what our partner had to say about this one!

"Attached pic shows a Baykon BX25 (with two scale inputs) set to 10kg x 1g on a 300mm x 300mm and 30kg x 5g on a 400mm x 400mm stainless steel platform in a dye kitchen typically found in wool mills.
We supplied this to replace 2 competitors indicators and 2 x of their platforms for less than cost of one of their indicators! The customer can easily change between scales and we have set up the Infra Red buttons on the BX25 to Tare and Clear Tare - IR is perfect when you are wearing big gloves!"