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New Generation of TX11 and TX12 Weight Transmitters

May 24, 2021

TX11 and TX12 Weight Transmitters gain enhanced signal isolation from recent upgrade

The new generation of TX11 and TX12 weight transmitters from Baykon have been updated to provide enhanced signal isolation. Models newer than the following serial numbers will include this feature.
TX11 Weight Transmitters with serial number equal or greater than U315014649
TX12 Weight Transmitters with serial number equal or greater than U300114937
The load cell input, analogue output, and power supply are now electrically isolated from each other. This isolation method eliminates ground loop errors, reduces noise, and blocks high voltage transient surges. To enable the signal isolation the TX11 and TX12 should be wires as shown in the below images:

  TX11 Wiring Connection

 TX11 Wiring
  TX12 Wiring Connection

 TX12 Wiring

Important Installation Note: In the control cabinet, if the same ground connection is to be used for the analog output and power supply, you will need to make the following terminal short circuits shown in the pictures below.
for TX11: Connect G to 0V
for TX12: Connect G1to 0V
TX11 and TX12

Since this connection eliminates the signal isolation, the signal immunity against electrical noise and electromagnetic disturbances will decrease. This same connection between terminals should be done when changing old serial numbered TX11 or TX12s with the new ones.
For more information please contact our technical team.