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Experience a whole new dimension with a Resolution+ Subscription

January 18, 2022


Protect your Resolution Dimensioner with a monthly subscription to Resolution+

Resolution Dimensioners are the ideal solution for ecommerce fulfilment, logistics, warehousing and shipping companies looking to dimension and weigh parcels or pallets either statically or dynamically.
Operating stand alone or quickly and easily integrated into any OEM system, Resolution Dimensioners calculate dimensions, volume, weight, volumetric weight or dimensional weight in a fraction of a second and at a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market.

Experience a whole new dimension with a Resolution+ Subscription and gain Unlimited Warranty and Unlimited Remote Support!

Available with every new purchase of a Resolution Dimensioner*, Resolution+ is a monthly subscription that provides incredible on-going benefits including Unlimited Warranty and Unlimited Remote Support. Ensure your Resolution Dimensioner is fully protected for only £99+VAT per month.
Sign up now and get the first 6 months free!

Resolution+ subscription includes:
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited camera parts warranty
  • Cloud storage for images and results
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1.Requires commitment to initial 12-month contract. 
2.Following the initial 12 months the contract can be cancelled anytime.
3.If subscribed within offer period first 6 months are free. 
4.£99/month for second 6 months of initial 12 month contract and any subsequent months.
5.Warranty, Remote Support and Cloud Storage only available and valid as long as subscription is live and monthly payments are made.
6.Unlimited potential warranty extension if subscription is continued unbroken from initial purchase month. Once subscription is cancelled, on-going warranty is invalid and cannot be reinstated even if subscription is restarted.
* Includes Resolution 1, 3, 4.2 and 4.4, 5, 6, 7 and 8