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AWM Managing Director enters 2nd year as UK Weighing Federation President

July 01, 2021

AWM Managing Director reflects on his first year as UK Weighing Federation President

Yesterday (30th June 2021) saw the 22nd Annual AGM of the UKWF hosted by AWM Managing Director, Graham Spink. Graham was voted in as President of the UWKF in April 2020 and has had a "rewarding and highly productive" first year in office.
Graham reflects on this first year in our blog post below and has also completed a Q&A session for the UKWF you can read here on the UKWF Website. 

The focus of our Federation has been to support its members through what are some of the biggest challenges the industry has seen in recent years...

My first year as President of the UKWF has been a challenging but highly productive and rewarding experience. I am proud of the work we have done to modernise and promote the Federation and how the UKWF team has rallied to guide the Federation through what has been a tumultuous year.

Our focus has been on improving and developing the Federation in 3 key areas - Skills, Quality, and Marketing. Importantly, I also wanted to modernise the UKWF brand and improve its perception within the membership and with key stakeholders. I felt strongly that the UKWF needed to evolve to provide a clear united voice for the weighing industry that reflects the views of all members. 
After a challenging but hugely successful 12 months, we have achieved great things. When I look back over the year, among many others, the achievements I consider as highlights are: 

  • Completing a UK Weighing Industry Apprenticeship Scheme which will be launched in 2022.
  • Introducing an ISO Quality System Accreditation as one of the UKWF membership criteria
  • Appointing Grace Marren as our Comms Officer and opened more channels of communications to make sure members are receiving the latest information and updates,
  • Forming strong relationships with key stakeholders in government
  • Holding regular meetings with Trading Standards, BEIS, and NMO to provide us with input into, and first sight of, key legislation
  • Developing new partnerships with other trade bodies including GAMBICA to further raise our profile and bring added benefits to UKWF members. 
  • Modernising the UKWF brand with a new logo 
I am proud to say the UKWF is in great shape and as we move into my second year as President we are working even harder to promote and improve the Federation and provide a clear united voice for the Weighing Industry.

Graham Spink
AWM Managing Director and UKWF President