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Our annual Customer Survey results for 2021 are now in!

January 05, 2021

AWM Limited Customer Survey Results 2021!

The results of our annual customer survey are now in and we couldn't be happier with the feedback. A big thank you to all those who participated. These excellent results are testament to our team's hard work and dedication along with our company's relentless focus on customer service. Below are some of the key results and comments from this year's questions.
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When asked about key company performance metrics, 100% of those surveyed said that the Friendless and Helpfulness of our staff was excellent and 96% said that our staff's Techincal Knowledge was excellent (the remaining 4% said it was very good!).
The quality of our Sales Support (90% excellent/10% very good) and Technical Support (96% excellent/4% very good) was highlighted, along with our Product Quality (90% excellent/10% very good).
Room for improvement lay in our website and social media (40% excellent/60% very good) and marketing material (50% excellent/47% very good/3% satisfactory). We will be addressing these issues with additional resources and staffing - more news on this coming soon! 

What did our customers have to say about our products and services?

When asked for general comments on how we could improve our products and services, those surveyed were very complimentary (see below comments). A few of our customers requested a higher discount level on certain products, something that we will review and action where possible.
Below are some of the responses received in the general comments section. 
"Great team"
"Always a pleasure to work with"
"Keep up the good work"
"A pleasure to work with, thank you"
"Nice people to work with"
"Thoroughly enjoy working with AWM"
"Absolutely fantastic guys, keep it up!" 

We would like to thank those who participated in the survey and hope that the winner of the Chocolate and Wine enjoyed their prize! If you would like to know more about our products and services please contact our friendly team today.