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AWM products support trials in the UK's Largest Pig Farming Business

March 29, 2021

AWM Limited products and services support BQP during on-going research

BQP has supplied high welfare British pork to the major retailers in the UK since 1979 and rear over 1 million pigs a year using industry-leading production systems. These systems include outdoor born, straw-finished, RSPCA Freedom Food Assured, free range and organic. With around 30% of the UK market share, this makes BQP the UK's largest pig farming business.
AWM Limited, also founded in 1979, are experts in weighing, processing control and dimensioning, and design and manufacture their UK made weighing scales in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.
Pig Weigh Crate
BQP recently began looking for a new partner to help provide key weighing equipment and on-going maintenance. BQP are industry leaders in the development of pig production systems and part of their continual improvement relies on the results from research trials. To gain the best results during these trials efficiency is key and keeping up to date with the latest weighing solutions is a great way to ensure throughput. In early 2021, AWM limited and BQP began working together to design a pig crate that could handle large batches of pigs whilst providing high accuracy weighing results.
The result was the supply of a huge 6m pig crate, designed and manufactured by the AWM team, which has speeded up batch weighing and increased efficiency across the research projects. Jessica Flaxmer, Technical Coordinator at BQP said "Over the past 9 months AWM have been fantastic at supporting us with our trial work, this includes fixing current weigh scales and also making us new commercial scales. They have provided us with excellent customer service and technical support, which has enabled us to improve our research facility."
Pig Weighing ScaleAs well as supplying new equipment, the AWM team offer professional maintenance and servicing which further supports trials and on-going research and extends the life of existing crates and scales.
Graham Spink, Managing Director at AWM Limited said "We are really pleased to be able to support BQP with their vital research work. We have really enjoyed working with the BQP team and look forward to further developing our excellent business relationship. We welcome the opportunity to design and manufacture scales to BQP's high standards and provide on-going servicing and maintenance of existing scales and crates." 
For further information on AWM products and services please email our sales team or call us on +44 (0)1284 701222.