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The Benefits of using SmartCan Digital Weighbridge Junction Boxes

September 11, 2020

What are the benefits of converting your Analogue scale to Digital using SmartCan?

Smart Can 10With our SmartCan Digital Junction Box, any new or existing scale with analogue loadcells can be made digital simply by replacing the junction box and weight indicator.
The SmartCan solution is a really cost effective way to make the change to digital, but what are the benefits of converting your scale, weighbridge or truckscale?
Get connected to "iSite" Cloud-based PC Software FREE OF CHARGE and monitor your scale or weighbridge remotely from any smart phone, tablet or PC!
SmartCan is supported by our FREE iSite Cloud-based Software for remote monitoring  
  Stay informed with email or text alerts. Find out  as soon as there is an issue with your loadcells!    

iSite is free cloud based Software for quick weighbridge or scale loadcell failure alerts and 24/7 monitoring

Cardinal iSite is a cloud-based remote monitoring system for load cells connected to the SmartCan box. Text and E-mail auto alerts can be sent for errors and warning events. Through secure online access, scale diagnostics can be accessed remotely to quickly identify problems before they interrupt weighing operations.

225 Screen
Troubleshoot your scale/weighbridge through the Weight Indicator
Cardinal 225D and 825D Weight Indicators seamlessly interface with the SmartCan digital conversion system to provide onscreen diagnostics for load cell performance in real-time. Digital Junction boxes make corner and section trimming incredibly easy especially on the 825 with its graphical, full-colour display.
Onboard Diagnostics
The SmartCan system has onboard diagnostics that can be used by a technician to alert them of critical errors due to setup issues and hardware problems. The following diagnostics data is available and will be shown to the technician on the main weight screen of the 225D or 825D indicator:
Available Diagnostics Information shown on indicator screen:
1. Live (real time) Load Cell Weights  2. Minimum and Maximum Load Cell Weights 3. Deadload Shift (from original calibrated deadload)
4. Individual Load Cell Signal in Millivolts  5. DLC Controller Card Communication Error Count 6. iSite Status of Last Connection
SmartCal for Fast Calibrations and Corner Trimming - all OIML approved! 
SmartCal digital calibration adjustments and remote monitoring through iSite Software makes SmartCan the most powerful scale conversion solution available. SmartCal allows a quick calibration with no manual adjustments, speeding up the calibration process and reducing the chance of human or physical errors during the process.
SmartCan's compact enclosure and universal mounting brackets also makes it ideal for retrofitting to existing analog scales or converting analog load cells to a digital system.
Fail-Safe (Coming Soon)
The Fail-Safe feature means your weighbridge or scale can continue to weigh, even if a loadcell fails. The clever SmartCan system compensates for a failed load cell by mirroring the estimated output of the remaining cells in order to offset the failed cell. Sounds complicated but it happens instantly and you wouldn't even notice. The Fail-Safe feature uses an algorithm to calculate an estimated value from the data of the remaining cells and creates a virtual load cell to replace the faulty one!
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SmartCan Key Features

iSite Alerts
  • OIML Approved for Trade Use
  • Perfect for retrofitting existing analog scales or converting analog load cells to a digital system
  • Multiple SmartCans can be connected via daisy-chain for multiple-controller systems
  • Fail-Safe mode keeps your scale running in the event of a failed cell (coming soon)
  • 7 different SmartCan boxes available for a wide range of configurations
  • Enables usage of SmartCal and digital calibration adjustments
  • Remote troubleshooting and scale monitoring through iSite software
  • Analog-to-digital load cell conversion system
  • Receive text and/or e-mail alerts from iSite for any load cell issues
  • All components housed in a rugged IP66 / NEMA 4 rated enclosure
  • Universal mounting brackets for easy field installation
  • No power is required in most applications (SmartCan is also available with AC power)
  • Load cell troubleshooting through the Cardinal Scale 225D or 825D indicators
  • Compact enclosure size only requires minimal space
  • Real-time load cell failure and fault diagnostics
  • Lightning/surge protection
  • Ideal for troubleshooting multi-platform scales
  • Analog-to-digital conversion on individual channels
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