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Save time and money by adding Rodent Protection to your Weighing Scale

May 14, 2020

Rodent Protected Weighing ScaleRodent protection greatly reduces downtime due to chewed loadcell and indicator cables

Cut your scale downtime and make huge savings on cable repairs and loadcell replacements by adding rodent protection to your weighing scale or weighbridge.
Chewed cables is one of the main reasons for scale downtime in agriculture, seed processing and other industries where rodents are prevalent. All of our VW range of weighing scales come with the option of rodent protection which can greatly reduce the chance of rodent cable damage. 

Protect your weighing scale or weighbridge from rodents to reduce your service and repair bills 

Rodent Protected Loadcell
Rats, Mice, Squirrels and Rabbits are known to chew loadcell and indicator cables and can cause significant wiring damage that often requires a complete loadcell replacement. Even if the wire is only slightly damaged this can lead to inaccurate weighing results and unreliable performance.
Farmers have found that after adding rodent protection, scale downtime and loadcell replacements due to damaged cables are greatly reduced as the rodents no longer have access to the vulnerable cable.

Rodent Protected WeighbridgeWith thick steel conduit protecting the indicator cable and almost all of the loadcell cable safely enclosed within the platform channel, rodents are discouraged from chewing the wiring and scale downtime is greatly reduced.
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