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ANPR 825 Weighbridge App

ANPR 825 Weighbridge App

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ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Solutions for Weighbridges

By adding Automatic Number Plate Recognition to your new or existing weighbridge setup, traffic can be weighed and all vehicle data monitored 24/7. This unmanned system allows a weighbridge to be in continuous operation day and night, reducing waiting times and mainting a high traffic flow through busy sites whilst recording and monitoring all weighing data quickly and accurately.

Automatically Monitor vehicles over unmanned or remote Weighbridges 24/7 day and night

When a vehicle approaches the weighbridge, the intelligent ANPR camera instantly reads, checks and recalls the vehicle details from a stored database for a fast and efficient transaction. . If an unknown vehicle approaches the weighbridge the driver can weigh on a temporary ID or the weighbridge operator can enter the details manually which will then be stored for future transactions.

  • Please note: This app runs on the Cardinal 825 Indicator which must be purchased separately
  • Designed for fast and efficient weighbridge operations
  • Automatically capture number plates as vehicle arrives
  • Captures number plates in-motion or stationary
  • Manual intervention to confirm Registration if required
  • Up to 6 customisable databases such as Product, Customer etc
  • Single or Dual Bridge
  • Full reporting via email, SMS, USB etc
  • No PC required
  • HD sensor for reading reflective and non-reflective plates
  • Extra compact and Easy to install
  • Does not require external IR lighting