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Livestock Weigh Crates with Wireless EID and Powerful Data Collection

February 09, 2021

Livestock Weighing - wireless EID tags and averaging software for moving animals

Our weigh crates are ideal for fast and accurate weighing of pigs, sheep, cattle and all other livestock.
Animal Weighing Display with EID
Our weight display interfaces with industry leading EID devices for fast wireless reading of ID tags.
Infra red switches provide touchless operation and are activated by swiping a glove or hand past the sensor - ideal for controlling the weighing device whilst on the go.
Log up to 5000 records and instantly upload to a PC server via Ethernet or WiFi. Alternatively, use our onboard SD card slot to store data and transfer manually to a PC at a later date.
Cattle Weigh Crate Specification
Shock Resistant Design
Galvanised or Tough Painted Finish
Capacity: 1500kg x 0.5kg (others available)
Double V-type Door and tapered base for safe and stable throughput
IP68 rated fully sealed Stainless Steel Loadcells
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Connect Multiple Livestock Weigh Crates and collect data into Excel or SQL Database

Cattle Weigh Crates
For larger operations, individual weigh crates can be networked together and data collected simultaneously. The weight, EID and other data can be sent to Excel, viewed as a webpage or sent directly to an SQL database. 

The multiple scales are connected via Ethernet TCP/IP and data is collected online or offline. PC software provides statistical reporting and also gives the option of sending commands to the scale operator using the alphanumeric display on the scale terminal.

The picture below shows 25 Cattle Scales networked together and connected to the customers ERP system for data collection and analysis.
Animal Weigh Crates
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