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New 'greener' extra-long lorries from 2022? A good time to review your weighbridge solutions

September 23, 2021

Ensuring your business has minimum  impact on the environment has become increasingly important over the past decade, however, over the past 18 months we've seen a real increase in not only awareness but also the development of strategies that promise to make business practices more environmentally sustainable.. 

Following a nine year trial by the The Department for Transport (DfT), the Government has given the green light for longer vehicles which can be up to 15.65m in length. It's expected that longer semi trailers could remove as much as 1-in-8 freight journeys by carrying the same amount of cargo in fewer lorries. 

The Government have said they will also be launching a separate trial using heavier than normal 48-tonne lorries, following a positive response from the consultation on their introduction.

These changes propose an ideal time to review your weighbridge systems and processes, when was the last time you checked how your weighbridge operations were performing? In a time where efficiency is absolutely essential in order to be profitable, there are so many products available to help automate your process. 

ANPR automatic numberplate recognition

Relying on your drivers and other members of staff to input data comes with a substantial risk of human error. Using an automatic numberplate recognition system (ANPR) will help to eliminate this risk, ultimately saving you time and making your data and readings more reliable. With the capability of reading static or moving number plates and store readings alongside weight measurements and other data, these small and durable cameras will integrate with the rest of your weighbridge system. Another benefit of this system is that driver don't have to get out of their vehicles to input data, reducing the need of human contact, something we're all trying to eliminate due to Covid-19.

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Weighbridge PC software

If there's one key thing we've learnt from our years of providing weighing solutions, it's that businesses need a flexible solution. And the same goes for weighbridge software, it's crucial that it works alongside your existing hardware, creating as much of an autonomous process as possible. 

Our weighbridge software ensures a simple, flexible setup and intuitive operation that allows users to process transactions quickly and easily for fast vehicle throughput : 

Unmanned weighbridge terminals

Heading further down the route of reducing human contact and the risk of Covid-19 transmission, one particular product that poses real benefits is the unmanned weighbridge terminal. Both Baykon and satellite weighbridge terminals are compatible with RFID cards as well as ANPR cameras, meaning that the process again becomes even more automated and the need for human interaction is reduced. These weighbridge terminals are a crucial part of any weighbridge solution, offering a fully weather-proof solution that simplifies the vehicle weighing process. 

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For years, we've designed and provided custom weighbridge solutions, helping to eliminate human error and increase the gathering of reliable and transparent data. For more information on products or solutions, get in touch