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GelCheckGO! A hand hygiene monitor for access control

October 20, 2021

Hand Sanitiser Gel Detector

Check hands are sanitised for access control, traceability and peace of mind

Confirming that hands are sanitised provides an additional level of infection prevention and gives peace of mind and traceability whilst developing good hygiene habits for any business or home.

What is GelCheckGo?

GelCheckGo is a device to detect alcohol level on the skin and provide a GO or NO-GO signal.

  • The standalone version gives a Green or Red visual GO or NO-GO with audible output.
  • The connected version gives an additional GO or NO-GO output that can be connected to almost any system including; Retail/POS, restaurant delivery, cleaning management, door entry systems and more.
When GelCheckGo is installed in your system it could be made compulsory for people to sanitise their hands before being allowed to operate a terminal, serve food, enter a building etc.

Where can GelCheckGo be used?

GelCheckGo can be used in Bars, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Leisure Facilities, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Offices, Schools, Universities, Colleges and other Educational Facilities.
Where hand sanitiser detecting is used

What are the benefits of GelCheckGo?

-- Easy to install with just a couple of screws
-- Simple to set up
-- Integrate with an existing systems
-- Promotes hand hygiene
-- Provides employee/hand hygiene traceability
-- Develops good hand hygiene habit within your organisation
-- Electronically monitors hand hygiene events
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