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Teltek Metal Detector and Checkweigher

Powerful metal detection and checkweighing solution

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Integrating the Teltek C80 checkweigher with the Shark 2 metal detector, this powerful metal detection and checkweighing solution is ideal for your packaging line.

Functionalities include:
- BRC software 
- Reject confirmation sensor
- Bin open/full sensor
- On/off via switches in settings

The metal detection unit is normally mounted on the infeed conveyor of the checkweigher, although this can be relocated to the end of the conveyor if needed. The conveyor is adapted to fit the metal detector and can include a rejection system. 
QuoteThe metal detection and checkweighing combo conforms to BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards. The system is designed to be easy to use and minimises the risk of the metal detector running with incorrect settings. Ultimately, ensuring the solution is as effective as possible.
The large 15" LED touchscreen display makes it easy to operate and control the checkweighing and metal detection functionalities. On top of this, the unit is IP65-rated and fabricated using stainless steel. The conveyors themselves require very little maintenance and are driven by brushless DC motors.
Approved in accordance with European MID standards - Ensuring consistently accurate measurements


Key Features 

Weight Capacity: 3000 - 60000g
Accuracy: From 0.1g
Cadence: Up to 500ppm (depending on package size)
Display/Control Panel: 15" LED touchscreen
Available Functionalities: Reject confirmation, Bin full sensors, Remote access air pressure monitor, Piece counting, Filling control, Sorting of weight zones, Safely interlocks, Operator traceability 
Environmental Conditions: Operating temperature from +5°C to 40°C. Humidity from 20-90% non-condensing



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