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ANPR 825 Axle Weighing App

ANPR 825 Axle Weighing App

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Dynamic Axle and Vehicle Weighing System with ANPR Camera

Our ANPR camera technology can be used with the UK made VWAW Axle Weighing Platform to create a highly accurate and reliable dynamic axle weighing system that provides fully automated and unmanned axle weighing 24/7.  The camera interfaces directly with the weight indicator without the need for a PC and does not need any external IR lighting - compact, simple to use and easy to install.

Fast and efficient unmanned axle weighing operations for busy sites

  • Automatically capture number plates in-motion or stationary as vehicle arrives
  • Selectable modes of operation for single pass (axle checks), two pass (weighbridge style) or agri (farm weighing)
  • Automatic axle weight captures with speed calculations and on-screen guidance to ensure a steady, accurate vehicle pass
  • Axle check weighing - axle and gross overload alarms ensure vehicles are kept within legal weight limits
  • Databases store legal axle/gross weights and number of axles for each vehicle to eliminate overloads and missed axles
  • Customisable Ticket printing and numerous reporting options (via Email, USB, WiFi etc.) to Excel or online
  • Multiple customisable databases (Registration, Product, Customer, Haulier, Job Number etc.)
  • Optional RFID cards/tags for quick data entry and fast weighing transactions without leaving the vehicle
  • Interfaces with remote displays/traffic lights for traffic control
  • Minimum trigger weight for busy thoroughfares (reduces accidental car/human captures)
  • Extra large weight display for easy viewing directly from the lorry cab
  • Auto mode for unmanned weighing and auto time out for non-returning vehicles
  • HD sensor for reading reflective and non-reflective plates
 By including the SB Remote Display with its huge 127mm dual row display, drivers can be alerted if their vehicle is overloaded or over-speed and also given directions for loading/unloading using the built-in directional arrows and traffic lights.