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Resolution 1 - Dimensioning Camera

Resolution 1 - Dimensioning Camera


  PRICE INCLUDES: Resolution One Dimensioner and Software, Power Adaptor and Connection Bracket.
  Add 15" Touchscreen Display
  Wired Handheld 1D Barcode Scanner
  Add Zebra Barcode Label Printer
Low Cost Dimensioner

Revolutionary affordable dimensioner - stand alone or integrated into any product

Resolution is a revolutionary low cost/high quality dimensioner that can operate stand alone or be quickly and easily integrated into any OEM system. Calculate dimensions, volume, weight, volumetric weight or dimensional weight in a fraction of a second and at a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market.
Dimensioner on Tablet
Dimensions of cubic or irregular shaped objects are instantly calculated using the latest 3D image processing technology. Resolution is a new generation of dimensioners that use 3D imaging technology to cut production costs and provide higher accuracy and more reliable performance at a better price. Older dimensioners that rely on outdated and less accurate ultrasonic or laser solutions just cannot compete.

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All dimension data and images are saved on Resolution One and easily transferred to servers or 3rd party software via Ethernet, WiFi or RS232. Integration and calibration is easy using built in web access and API. Click here for further information and pricing
All measurement data and images are stored on the Resolution One Camera and can be...
        ...viewed locally on the Resolution 15" display
        ...remotely viewed and downloaded from any PC or mobile device with a web browser using the built in web service
        ...sent via Ethernet, WiFi or RS232 to a PC or server in Excel file format

 Dimensioning Key Features


  • Measurement of cubic or irregular shaped freight/objects
  • No requirement to specially position the object before measuring
  • No separate PC required
  • Low cost technology thanks for novel 3d imaging technology
  • Super fast measuring time (0.05 seconds)
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software using Web Service API
  • Integrate with almost any scale, barcode printer, barcode scanner or OCR
  • Customisable interface and data transfer via Ethernet or Wifi with any format
  • RGB photos 

Integrate dimensioning into conveyor lines, packing products, pallet wrapping machines, weighing systems and more

Resolution One Dimensioner1. Measure your static parcels with any shape on any surface with less than 1 cm accuracy
2. Scan in barcode information (if required)
3. Capture photo
4. Print a barcode label (if required)
5. Automatically save the dimensioning data onto your server!

Dimensioner LogosPurposefully designed for quick and easy integration into any weighing, dimensioning, processing or transporting system, Resolution One is ideal for dimensioning parcels and pallets and can be used out of the box for fast dimensioning. Accessories, such as Touch Screen Monitor, Barcode Scanner and Barcode Label Printer, are also available to enable simple integration into any product, system or process. Click here to request further information and pricing

Increase your profit by up to 40% with innovative and affordable Dimensioning

  • No external PC or Software required
  • Fast and Easy Integration API
  • Quick Calibration
  • Web Access
  • Remote Support Included
COMPREHENSIVE I/O AND ACCESSORIES PROVIDE ULTIMATE, HASSLE FREE CONNECTIVITY. Resolution One can be supplied with an optional 15.6 inch colour touch screen that interfaces with Resolution One Camera via USB. Out of the box Resolution One supports HDMI connections and Zebra barcode printers and barcode scanners. Remote setup and support is easy - Resolution One has it's own on-board Windows operating system and can run remote access software such as teamviewer. Remote support is included for 1 year from purchase free of charge.
Interfacing with Resolution One is easy - you can manage conveyors, buzzers, lights just with a tap on the Touch Screen Display or control them from your own software via our powerful API. And with MODBUS extension of the API, there is almost no limit to what you can do!

Key Operational Features

  • Measure objects in any orientation
  • Measure irregular shaped objects not just cubic shapes
  • Measure multiple objects at one and calculate summed volume
  • Superfast measurement time: 0.05 seconds
  • Detects and rejects undesired objects in the measurement area such as arms or parts of the body
  • Easy One-click Calibration 

Resolution One also boasts the most accessible and easy to use (patent pending) calibration process on the market. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to calibrate the dimensioner. Click here to request further information and pricing