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Resolution Bcode - Barcode Reader

Resolution Bcode - Barcode Reader

High speed barcode reader - industry leading depth of field & read rate

Resolution Bcode is an advanced barcode reader that has an industry leading depth of focus and a read rate of 27 decodes per second. Specifically designed for barcode reading operations that require large depth-of-field, Resolution Bcode is ideal for high speed conveyors.

Read any type of barcode on moving objects - ideal for barcode reading on high speed conveyors.

Barcodes on objects with a height of 10cm up to 80cm can be read at a rate of 27 reads per second. Illumination is already built in as well as Imager based barcode recognition. The system requires no external PC or software and is completely Plug & Go!

The powerful and flexible API can be used to integrate Resolution Bcode into any software system to get results and images quickly and easily. The system stores measurement results and images locally and can be interrogated to download results on demand. Remote access is also available via any browser to download results to your PC as an Excel files.
Data output is via either the web service, RS232 or Ethernet TCP/IP. Designed from the bottom to top to be maintenance-free, Resolution Bcode is the ultimate barcode reading solution.