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Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 8 - 2018
September 20, 2018
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 8 - 2018


This month has seen new videos added to our Youtube page, providing you with 'how to' guides and overviews of our latest projects, another Tech Topics Blog release, new training sessions with our trade partners, an increase in custom platform orders, a new partnership announcement, some staff news and multiple birthday's busy times here at AWM!

This month we feature...

  • New Partnership
  • Waste Video
  • Average Weighing
  • Newsletter Exclusive 
  • Workshop Snapshop
  • Tech Topics
  • Custom Built Platforms
  • Customer Visits
New partnership further expands our product portfolio and opens new markets
September 03, 2018
New partnership further expands our product portfolio and opens new markets

Global Barcode and AWM announce partnership

Supply chain technology delivers maximum impact when hardware and software are seamlessly integrated, serving as the backbone for all the operational and administrative processes of your organisation. This philosophy has been successfully implemented by us at Global Barcode and our trusted partner companies, providing a wealth of experience in AIDC hardware, RFID and wireless infrastructure.

We are announcing our latest partnership with AWM Ltd, a leading Weighing and Process Control company based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Through a network of distributors they supply and support innovative weighing solutions ranging from simple bench and parcel scales to portable wireless weigh beams and floor scales.
Wireless Weighbeam Scales

Industry leading weighing scale supplier based in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, UK

AWM have been manufacturing their industry leading scales in the UK since 1989 and offer standard sizes and capacities off the shelf for next day delivery. Their experienced fabricators can also custom build scales to exact specifications, allowing them to meet any project requirement. AWM platform scales come with a 2 year warranty and through their distributors they offer unmatched service support covering the whole of the UK.

The warehousing and logistics scales are designed to be portable and compact in order to occupy minimal floor space and integrate seamlessly into busy day to day warehousing operations.

AWM Business Development Manager James Hobbs said "We are very excited to partner with Global Barcode to bring our cutting-edge weighing solutions to the warehousing and logistics industry. Our expertise in weighing and process control perfectly complements Global's cutting edge RFID & Barcoding technology and together we offer customers the complete Warehouse Management and product tracking solution."

The symbiosis and shared intellect of our two organisations allow a lean, scalable and agile solution, incorporating the weighing process into the warehouse management system. This approach will support constantly evolving processes and deliver a competitive advantage and ensure that healthy margins are maintained.
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 7
August 10, 2018
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 7


Even with 30-degree heatwave this month, we have been super busy filming case studies in local food factories, shooting our first 360 product images, organising our latest dealer meeting to Istanbul, starting a new Tech Topics blog on our website and enjoying a really busy month for our Weighbridge test unit!

This month we feature...

  • Poultry Case Study
  • New 360 Images
  • Hot Summer Offer!
  • Dealer Meeting 2018
  • Workshop Snapshot
  • New Tech Topics blog
  • EWT Training Seminar
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Waste Monitoring System for large Plastics Company
July 18, 2018
Waste Monitoring System for large Plastics Company

Waste Weighing to monitor and control Raw Material Input

AWM Limited, alongside one of their trade partners, recently installed a dual scale waste weighing system to monitor the raw material input for a leading Plastics Company. Prior to the installation the company was having to estimate the amount of bottles and recycled plastics going into their process from volumetric data. AWM were tasked with designing a waste weighing system that would enable an accurate measurement of the amount of plastic material being entered into the process in loose and bale form.

Providing the Solution - Dual Scale Raw Material Weighing, Loading Control and Reporting

Waste Weighing and MonitoringThe solution was to install two scales, one hopper scale for the loose plastics and one platform scale for the plastic bales. Both scales were connected to a Cardinal 825 Programmable Weight Indicator which continually monitors the weight input and waits for the waste material to be loaded on either scale.
The hopper scale controls a large traffic light which turns green when the hopper is ready to fill and red when it has reached it's maximum weight. This ensures the hopper is never overloaded by letting the loader driver know when to stop filling. Once the target weight has been met, the 825 Indicator waits for stability and then records the weight into it's on-board memory and adds the weighing record to an html report file that can be viewed and downloaded from any PC on the network. The indicator then turns on the conveyor system to remove the material from the hopper and once empty turns it off ready for the next load. 
At the same time that the hopper is being filled, a forklift driver can load bales of plastic onto a second platform scale that the 825 Weight Indicator is also monitoring. Once the weight is over a set threshold and stable, the 825 records the weight data and adds it to the html report file.
The key to this solution is that the weight of raw material inputted into the system is accurately captured but the speed of the loading operation is maintained. We supplied the complete turn-key solution from the Hopper and Weight Indicator with custom control software to the Traffic Lights and platform scale.
We can Provide the Solution to any waste weighing requirement. Please contact us on or call +44 (0)1284 701222 for further information or to request a quotation.
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 6
July 11, 2018
Trade Newsletter from AWM Limited - Issue 6


We hope that those of you who were lucky enough to have been allocated a team in our World Cup Sweepstake have been following our blog! Tickets to watch an upcoming England game at Wembley await the company who drew the winning team! In other news, we have been really busy building platforms and custom frames and getting our teeth into new case study videos for the marketing team. Amongst all this we did find time to kick back and enjoy the lovely weather with a company BBQ!

This month we feature...

  • BCW Video
  • TX2 Transmitter
  • Next Day Delivery 
  • Tech Topics
  • Special Offers
  • Weighbridge Video
  • Workshop Snapshot
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