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New Generation of TX11 and TX12 Weight Transmitters
May 24, 2021
New Generation of TX11 and TX12 Weight Transmitters

TX11 and TX12 Weight Transmitters gain enhanced signal isolation from recent upgrade

The new generation of TX11 and TX12 weight transmitters from Baykon have been updated to provide enhanced signal isolation. Models newer than the following serial numbers will include this feature.
TX11 Weight Transmitters with serial number equal or greater than U315014649
TX12 Weight Transmitters with serial number equal or greater than U300114937
The load cell input, analogue output, and power supply are now electrically isolated from each other. This isolation method eliminates ground loop errors, reduces noise, and blocks high voltage transient surges. To enable the signal isolation the TX11 and TX12 should be wires as shown in the below images:

  TX11 Wiring Connection

 TX11 Wiring
  TX12 Wiring Connection

 TX12 Wiring

Important Installation Note: In the control cabinet, if the same ground connection is to be used for the analog output and power supply, you will need to make the following terminal short circuits shown in the pictures below.
for TX11: Connect G to 0V
for TX12: Connect G1to 0V
TX11 and TX12

Since this connection eliminates the signal isolation, the signal immunity against electrical noise and electromagnetic disturbances will decrease. This same connection between terminals should be done when changing old serial numbered TX11 or TX12s with the new ones.
For more information please contact our technical team.
New Baykon Indicator Comparison Guide
February 15, 2021
New Baykon Indicator Comparison Guide

Download a new Comparison Guide for Baykon Weight Indicators, Transmitters and Process Controllers

Having a quick guide to the Baykon range of weighing terminals, transmitters and process controllers can be really useful in deciding which product is most suited to your application.
Click on the image below to download the guide. You can print it or keep it on your desktop for quick access!
Baykon Product Guide 2021
If you have any questions or would like some further advice please contact our friendly team today!  
Corona Virus Update - January 4th 2021
January 04, 2021
Corona Virus Update - January 4th 2021
Happy New Year and welcome to a brighter 2021! (Fingers crossed...)
As manufacturers, we remain open and fully operational during this new coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown but are clearly taking extra precautionary measures to avoid any risks. Some key information is included below for your reference.
1. Office staff have been instructed to work from home where possible.

2. All sales and training trips remain canceled. We are able to provide email and telephone advice or video demonstrations of our products and would be pleased to arrange a Skype, WhatsApp or Teams call any time Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

3. All non-essential service and calibration visits are cancelled until further notice but we are still open and here to support you. You can still call our team on +44 (0)1284 701222 with any urgent requirements or we can arrange to collect or return products to us for repair/service.

4. Our fabrication and workshop teams are continuing to manufacture, assemble, calibrate, test, repair and service equipment whilst following our social distancing and hygiene protocols.
Let's all keep safe and look after each other!
Merry Christmas from AWM Limited!
December 17, 2020
Merry Christmas from AWM Limited!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at AWM Limited!

We hope you all have a great festive period and a well earned break. As we come to the end of a very challenging 2020, we hope for a brighter 2021 and look forward to getting together with our business partners, friends and colleagues once again! 

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your valued business and for giving us the opportunity to support you as our trade partner. We look forward to working with you all again next year! 
Updated BX2X Indicator Comparison Table
November 09, 2020
Updated BX2X Indicator Comparison Table

Updated Comparison Table for a quick guide to the difference between BX2X Indicators

Now that Ethernet and Modbus RTU and TCP are standard on the BX2X indicators and Atex versions are available, we have updated the Quick Glance Comparison Table. Download this quick guide to understand the key differences between the BX23, BX24 and BX25. The powerful BX2X range of weight displays from Baykon are a popular weight indicator option for the UK weighing industry and with this quick glance comparison table you can see the difference between the models and their detailed technical specifications.

BX24Download the Baykon BX2X Weight Indicator Comparison Table 

The BX2X range is in stock for next day delivery.
For further information or for an instant quotation email us today or fill in our contact form.

AWM announce new distributor partnership with RS Bilance
October 05, 2020
AWM announce new distributor partnership with RS Bilance

AWM limited announce new distributor partnership with Italian Checkweighing Specialists RS Bilance

CheckweighingSuffolk based weighing, dimensioning and process control specialists, AWM Limited have announced an exclusive partnership with RS Bilance to bring their Italian-made checkweighing and labelling solutions to the UK market for the first time.
AWM Managing Director, Graham Spink said "AWM's partnership with RS Bilance allows us to further expand our industry leading portfolio of weighing, dimensioning and process control solutions. Their premium checkweighing and labelling solutions perfectly compliment our existing product ranges and bring a new level of quality and performance to the UK market."
The announcement comes following a number of visits to the RS Bilance headquarters in Catania, Sicily where the AWM team were impressed by RS Bilance's modern, forward-thinking company ethos and high quality products.  

RS Bilance are a young, dynamic company (founded in 2006), who manufacture the most versatilse and cutting-edge checkweighing and labelling solutions at highly competitive prices.
For more information please email us or call our sales team on +44 (0)1284 701222.   
New blog post discusses finishes available on VW Weighing Scales
May 26, 2020
New blog post discusses finishes available on VW Weighing Scales


Weld Weighing Scale
We offer a wide range of finishes on our UK made Valueweigh Weighing Scales and Dimensioning Products. Each one offers its own benefits and features. Our standard finishes are powder coating for our mild steel platform scales and glass bead blasting for our stainless platform scales but we are able to offer other finishes to meet custom requirements. 
AWM Limited release new Company Profile
January 02, 2020
AWM Limited release new Company Profile
AWM Limited pledge to be even more sustainable in 2020 and beyond
January 02, 2020
AWM Limited pledge to be even more sustainable in 2020 and beyond


We must commit to making our practices more sustainable and to reducing our carbon footprint to avoid extreme global warming that could irreversibly damage our planet and it's ecosystems.
Today, we are all encouraged to do our bit for the environment but the carbon footprint of industry is many times greater than that of an individual and as such it is vitally important that we, as businesses, play our part. We must take responsibility for our carbon footprint, general polluting and the impact our operations have on the planet. With this in mind, AWM Limited are pledging to put in place more ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly, green focused and sustainable. This blog post will highlight what we are currently doing and what we can do better in trying to achieve a more sustainable business practice. Read more on our blog here.
AWM Limited's Trade Newsletter - Issue 18
December 04, 2019
AWM Limited's Trade Newsletter - Issue 18


Exciting times at AWM! Last month we brought all of our VW Platform Scale manufacturing in-house with the launch of our new fabrication division Abbey Engineering. Not only does this mean we have total control over the fabrication schedule but also means we can offer greatly improved lead times and even more competitive pricing!

Keep an eye on our website ( and our social media for more exciting news updates!

This month we feature...

  • Abbey Engineering
  • Dynamic Axle Weighing
  • Baykon BX65 Update
  • Wireless Weighbeams
  • Case Studies
  • Process Control Panels
  • Workshop Snapshot
Click here to view the Newsletter Online!